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Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Production Line | Cemax Engineering

Acoustic suspended ceiling production line; It is the line that produces acoustic suspended ceilings that provide decorative appearance and sound absorption performance in a single form in repair and renovation works of buildings, business and shopping centers, cinema and theater halls and many other buildings.


  • Easy setup
  • Affordable Cost
  • Durable Material


Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Production Line

Production Line Code

Product Description

Product Description

Technicial Specifications

Thickness of the Product
to be Drawn

Part Plate

Single Plate


Acoustic Suspended
Ceiling Production Line

Gypsum boards are used for perforation.

H Type Hydraulic Press 8 Surface
Guided System

 8-10-12 mm

30 cm*30 cm 
30 cm*60 cm
30 cm*90 cm
30 cm*120 cm 
60 cm*60 cm
60 cm*90 cm
60 cm*120 cm
120 cm*120 cm    

120 cm*240 cm