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Rollform Lines

Rollform lines have a structure that enables the bending and steps of the rolled sheets and the advantage of being able to advance the bending processes smoothly. Since the operations to be performed on the roll sheets are in a structure that is difficult to shape, they are in a structure that requires a lot of strength and can be difficult to shape. Thanks to the machines called Rollform, this process becomes much easier and thanks to these machines, the use of manpower is less and it can become very useful in terms of time saving.

What are Rollform Lines?

When we are wondering about Rollform lines, we can go on a quest and want to get information about Rollform lines. Rollform Lines, which are very important in the field of industry, have a functional structure. It is possible to produce a large number of profile sections with Rollform lines that can be made much more easily. The machine, which is used in the industrial sector and is functional in meeting the needs on the basis of the sector, makes it possible to open the sheet in rolls with a suitable method and to bend it in an appropriate size and structure.
What are the Rollform Line Functions?

We can talk about the functional features of the Rollform line, which has a very functional structure;

Sheet that has been pierced and played on can be styled.
After Rollform styling, pierced or processed sheet can be shaped.
The forming of intermediate bends can be done easily.
It can be shaped without the need for wastage of the cut material.
It is possible to perform process groups such as welding, length cutting, hole drilling in the Rollform Line.
The Rollform functions we have listed are among the reasons for preference due to the benefits it provides in the field of industry. And it is used by companies in the sector.

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Rollform Lines


Roll Sheet Forming Technologies

Rollform Lines

Rollform lines produce different profiles according to customer requests.


  • Easy setup
  • Affordable Cost
  • Durable Material


Rollform Lines

Production Line Code Product Description Profile Number Of Stations Technicial Specifications Thickness of the Product to be Drawn Production Line Speed
CMX-RH1-PLUS Trellising Profile Production Line Trellising Profile 12 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0.5 mm -1.5 mm 60 m/min
CMX-RH2-PLUS Hanger And Support Profile Production Line Hanger And Support Profile 12 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0,5 mm-1,5 mm 60 m/min
CMX-RH3-PLUS Cable Tray Profile Production Line Cable Tray Profile 14 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0,5 mm-1,5 mm 60 m/min
CMX-RH4-PLUS Fence Profile Production Line Fence Profile 12 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0,5 mm-1,5 mm 60 m/min
CMX-RH5-PLUS Z Profile Production Line Z Profile 12 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0,5 mm-0,8 mm 60 m/min
CMX-RH6-PLUS Rough Plaster Profile Production Line Plaster Finish Profile 10 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0,35 mm-0,8 mm 60 m/min
CMX-RH7-PLUS Container and Prefabricated Profiles Production Line Container and Prefabricated Profile 14 Station Decoiler-Rollform-Cutting Unit-Stacking Stand 0,5 mm -1,5 mm 40 m/min
Optional Equipment
Uncoiler Intermediate Tunnel Pres Rollform Cutting Unit
Number of changeable caps Tunnel width Press Capacity Number of Stations Servo System
Variable weight capacity Tunnel Height Servo Drive System Cassette/Cassetteless System Pneumatic System
Interchangeable roller clamping system Punching Unit Angle Cutting – Cutting System With Waste
Attachable sheet sliding system