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Guillotine Shears

Guillotine shears with reducer have many features in themselves. We can consider these features separately as standard equipment and Optional features. Standard features include gear drive system, cooled brake system, adjustable upper table slides, digitally controlled motor, back gauge system, high alloy tool drawbar, knives with 4 different cutting possibilities, easily adjustable blade gap, mechanical pressure system, angled front miter and It has standard features such as vertical cutting possibility, front finger protection barrier, operation stop button in case of emergency, cutting line lighting, electrical system, cutting line detection sensor. In addition to the standard features, angled sheet cutting, sheet metal lifting system and safety barrier are among the optional features. It is among the structures that are permanent and preferred in terms of facilitating the transactions to be made.
Guillotine scissors is the indispensable machine of laser companies. It is the cutting method that is suitable for flat materials without holes and discharges. Guillotine shear with reducer can make it more convenient and economically more affordable and convenient since there is no extra process and program. For this reason, this cutting method, which does not require much manpower, is a preferred method because it contains less risk. In addition, guillotine shears with reducer will provide the employer company with the advantage of being able to perform the cutting process without adding extra cost to the customer over cutting, since it is less costly.

Since each preferred situation is both an economically and physiologically sound approach to the person, there is no problem. Knowing it as a more guaranteed result allows it to be among the reasons for preference in the same way. The parts that will be in the cuts to be made, but if there are any details such as corners in the content of the part or the content of the hole, shape, this cut is not considered suitable for the part.

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