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Drywall Profile Production Lines

There are more demands and needs for gypsum board in the construction industry day by day. Fast-developing technology combined with professional service can produce results with a quality and aesthetic appearance. Its ease of installation and subsequent use significantly reduces the need for manpower. Drywall, which is among the building materials, is among the favorite building materials today. The Gypsum Board Profile Production Line, which is intertwined with gypsum board, facilitates the production phase of many building materials and provides fast results.
Drywall is produced in certain norms. Ideal and useful equipment for the construction industry can be made thanks to drywall. Produced in various features and sizes, gypsum board has a durable structure against impact, fire, water and humidity. It is possible to shape it according to the area to be used against the request and need. Drywalls, which can meet the features such as thermal insulation and sound insulation, also have the opportunity to make special production upon request.
Gypsum Board Profile Lines are machines that are available in 14 different sizes and offer the opportunity to produce profiles at high speed and quality. If we need to give the optional features of the Gypsum Board Profile Production Line in Cemax Engineering;
Cassette type roll form stations.
Profile patterns according to customer sample.
Drilling unit.
According to customer sample, PVC backing sheet etc. production.
We can transfer it. Technically, the standard features are;

Production speed: 60 meters/min.
Line opening: 2000 Kg Rolled sheet carrying capacity
Roll form: 12 stations
Automation: Schneider
Switchgear Material is Siemens, Moeller, Schneider brand.
Fly cutters: Servo motor driven.
Profile removal stand: Pneumatic
Roller and mold rack: 24 stations hold rollers and molds.

We can provide detailed information.
Cemax Engineering integrates the solutions it will bring for the needs of the sector and professional studies with its quality.

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