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Perforated Corner Profile

Corner profiles, which are frequently used in different areas, are among the important structures used in the construction industry. Perforated corner profiles are divided into different types. According to the needs, it is ensured that the need is met by choosing from the perforated corner product types. Let’s consider the details of perforated corner profiles according to their types and features.

Perforated corner profile types are available on indoor surfaces such as concrete, gas concrete, brick. Corner profile products that can be applied by machines or by hand have an extremely durable structure. Corner profiles, which make the use of sharp corners very easy and simple, are preferred in the future due to the fact that sharp corners can be obtained more easily. These products are generally preferred for aluminum corners. Thanks to the corner profiles, partition wall systems can be made. A smoother structure of the image in the corners can be achieved thanks to the perforated corner profile. Perforated corner profiles also have a structure that is protected against impacts and damage. When using the perforated corner profiles in question, attention should also be paid to the elements to be considered for the area to be applied.

Perforated corner profiles can be used in various areas. If we need to give examples of these;

Use in external corners in partition wall systems
It is used in external corners in suspended ceiling systems.
Use in external corners in wall cladding systems

as an example.

Size and size can be selected according to the area to be applied. There is no standard requirement for dimensions and dimensions and can be met upon request.

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